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Salem, OR


About Connections Counseling Center

Every day of our lives are spent in connection with other people. For good 
... or for bad ... our happiness and quality of life is strongly influenced 
by the character of our relationships with our spouses, families, 
co-workers and neighbors. At Connections Counseling Center, our job is to 
help you solve the conflicts and pain that happen when your relationships - 
your Connections - aren't working and are getting you down. If you are 
someone looking for a licensed marriage counselor in Salem Oregon then 
Connections Counseling Center is the place for you. 

Larry Lawson - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Over 30 years experience helping people solve all kinds of relationship 
problems, including marital conflicts, troubled and difficult children, 
domestic violence, child abuse, divorce, and child custody. My career has been a parallel process, starting off as a child welfare caseworker and returning once again after graduate school, before opening a private 
practice. Child welfare and child protection are my foundation, with 
experience helping children, parents and families work through great 
difficulties. After 20 years in a field office as a worker and supervisor, 
I began pursuing a new career as a counselor and therapist. 

  •  Masters in Social Work Degree, Graduate School of Social Work, 

University of Utah, 1975 

  •  Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Oregon (#00567) 
  •  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, State of Oregon (#T0197) 
  • Clinical Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) 
  •  Member, National Association of Social Workers 

My focus has always been working with all types of family relationships. At 
Connections Counseling Center, I help clients work through relationship 
conflicts and create better human connections by working with people in all 
types of relationships. My specialties include: 

  •  Counseling for unsatisfying and problem relationships: couples, families, children 
  •  How to navigate and cope with the emotional and legal processes of divorce 
  •  Child Custody issues (including evaluations for couples unable to reach an agreement on parenting arrangements) 
  •  Mediation of family disputes: child custody in divorce, dealing with aging parents 
  •  Therapy for a variety of mental health issues and crisis needs and relationship difficulties 
  •  Visitor report services for Probate Court matters. 


Larry Lawson