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Divorce Mediation in Salem, OR

A divorce is never easy, and divorce court proceedings can create adversarial relationships that have far-reaching effects on everyone in the family. When dealing with divorce, sometimes it’s best to think outside the box. And with professional divorce mediation services from Connections Counseling Center, your family may be able to avoid costly and emotional court proceedings and develop a fair, practical arrangement for your family’s transition, all within a cooperative, non-adversarial environment.

At Connections Counseling Center in Salem, OR, we aim to bring both sides to agreement through proven mediation techniques. As divorce mediators, our goal is to help you and your spouse work through even the most complex divorce-related issues and arrive at mutually agreeable conclusions.  Our skilled, compassionate, and highly trained mediators act as impartial facilitators. Through effective communication and problem-solving methods, we enable you to review your options together and generate creative solutions that work best for your family.

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